Let's DO This! Goal Setting Sunday

Here I am today and here are the few stats I am comfortable to share right now. ;) 

Weight: 186lbs
Height: 5'7
Feeling: Like I am ready to get over the crud and get some of this fat off my body!!


I have been struggling with finding the time for a real Bible study.  I think the craziness of summer just makes it all harder so I am going to put that on hold for a few weeks.  I cannot believe school will be starting in less than a month! 

  • Audio Bible in a Year in the morning
  • Personal devotional at lunch
  • Nightly devotional/prayer time with the family


My MIL and me are still going for three mornings this week so that is happening.  She has been doing cardio but I am going to start back on my Full-Body-Licious.  Flavia inspires me on a daily basis and I've seen how awesome she's done since she had her daughter and I know if she can do it so can I! 

  • Full-Body-Licious three mornings before work
  • 3 15-minute cardio sessions either on the elliptical or treadmill
  • Dance time with the boys at least once this week


Right now my supplements have been the only consistent thing in my journey to health.  I've been faithfully taking Advocare since MIL came to visit us in June and got me back on track.  Before the crud I was starting to feel better so I'm going to continue with my Spark and MNS3.

As far as meal planning I am still struggling with this one majorly so I am going to break this goal up into smaller goals and hopefully in the next month or two I will be a meal planning fool!  

  • Eat every 2-3 hours
  • Eat one veggie at every meal/snack
  • Start working on food categories in Evernote
I hope and pray that this week I can stay focused on my goals.  My problem is I will write them all out and then the busyness of the week engulfs me and I forget until next week.  I really do not want that to happen.  I hope to keep this blog going all through my journey and one day have reached the changes I so long to see in myself and I will have my journey documented.  How amazing will that be??

"What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." -Hebrews 11:1

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