Time To Think & Another Flavia Challenge!

I'm not sure if its the flu or what but I have been sick since this weekend.  Went into work on Monday and barely lasted the day.  I came home, crawled into bed, and have been there ever since.  I can't miss anymore work so I am up right now and "thinking" myself well. So far its not working too well but I seriously cannot afford to be sick.

I don't know about you guys but when I am sick I think...a lot.  I remember getting super sick April 2009.  I cried on the couch because I was so fed up with feeling sick and being 50+ pounds overweight.  I got my laptop and searched "free weight loss programs" and SparkPeople popped up.  I joined immediately and never looked back.  By July 2010 I hit my goal and was 130lbs.  It was such an incredible feeling but I did not lose the weight the way you would think.  I went through a horrible "life change" and pretty much starved myself thin.  I wasn't fit at all.  I was skinny fat.

Over the next year I would turn my life around and with my happiness came the weight gain.  I quickly got on a plan to lose the 20 "happy" pounds I'd gained and was starting to lose when I had to stop for my surgery.  That was August 2013.  Since then I've gained 30 more pounds and hit 171 last week.  My "fat" pants are tight and I refuse to go shopping.  My first New Years Resolution is to get back to the 130's and today I am starting my journey to that goal.

My girl Flavia is doing another challenge that started on Monday and I just signed up!

Here are some pics I took last month after my only workout in December.  AND I've gained 6 pounds since then! :(

Taking my measurements earlier was SO hard!  I've stepped on the scale a few times since my surgery but I've never taken measurements.  Man I have gained so much!  My body fat is up 5% and I've gained almost 10 inches all over my body.  It makes me sick but hey-it is what it is right?  I am still recovering from major surgery so I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

As far as eats I am really trying to find quick and easy.  My goal is to get more whole foods into my diet and find healthy, quick, and easy meals that I can make for the family.  This time instead of doing this challenge on my own I am going to include not only my family but the Flavilicious forums.  I can't do this alone.

It's time for action baby!  No excuses!

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