How I'm Making Imperfect Progress

It's seriously already been almost a month since I've been on here!  Good gosh where is this month going!  I am in shock that today is the last day of school before the Thanksgiving break!

Haha!!  Actually I haven't been eating much at all.  I got hit with the crud last weekend after our weekly Bible study and have been in bed ever since.  Whatever it is I have just keeps hanging on.  I usually get sick right around the holidays so I guess its right on schedule. ;)

Challenge Update

Being sick is bad enough but missing a whole week of workouts while I recoup is tragic.  I was on such a good roll and now I feel like I'm taking a step back.  I feel more human today than I have this whole week so I am going to try to sneak in a workout later depending on how I feel after work.  

So far during the challenge I have worked out an average of 4 days each week.  Considering I hadn't been working out consistently in a LONG time I call that a win.  This week is the first week I have worked out less than 4 days but I am focused on "imperfect progress" and refuse to beat myself up.  I don't know if I'll win this challenge or not but even if I don't if I can create a habit of working out every day I call that a win.  

I have realized so much lately how much of a perfectionist I am and this month I am focused on "imperfect progress."  What is that you ask?  Basically I am making progress even if its not "perfect" or what I believe to be perfection.  I am taking baby steps to reach my goal no matter how sloppy those steps are.  I read this in the Bible study I'm doing right now and it has really stuck with me.  As long as I'm making progress who says it has to be perfect?  It is so freeing to me and I hope that it helps my fellow procrastinators out there. It doesn't matter what you do or how long you do it.  Just get up and DO something!  Anything!  Go for a walk, dance with the kids (I've been doing this one a lot lately), track your calories...just do something that is going to take you one step closer to your goal.  My goal is consistency so even doing 15 minutes of any type of physical activity will get me one step closer.

I wish I could say that the scale has moved so far but it hasn't.  I read somewhere that when you start building muscle that it is normal to gain weight since muscle weighs more than fat.  I sure hope so because I've never seen 200lbs on my scale before but this morning I weighed just out of curiosity and it is SO close to 200 it scares me.  Now THAt is motivation!   

Enough rambling for this gal.  I need to get ready for work!  Last day before I get a whole week off!! No excuses next week. ;) 

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