Fall Challenge Update: 3 Weeks To Go!

I know that I haven't posted many updates about my 12 Week Flavilicious challenge and with good reason.  I haven't been actively participating.  I got sick right around Thanksgiving and once I was down it was so easy to make excuses.  Before you know it weeks have went by and it hit me that we are already halfway through the challenge!

I realized that my imperfect progress was actually no progress at all.  This is the third Flavilicous challenge that I have started.  The last two challenges I never finished the workouts or even sent in my after photos.  I simply disappeared but the thought of not finishing either of those challenges kept nagging at me.

When I signed up this time I made myself a promise.  No matter what I was going to finish this challenge.  Even if I had to send in an after picture that is worse than my before picture I am going to finish this challenge.  At the end of the challenge they post all the before/after pics on their website and the readers vote for the winner.  I do not want to be the one girl on that list that actually gained during the challenge so I got serious.

I took my measurements again just to see where I was at and surprisingly I've already lost 4 inches all over my body!  I really cannot tell a difference to be honest with you.  My weight is still staying the same but that's ok.  I'm tired of being a slave to the scale and decided for the rest of the challenge I am focusing more on my gains.

In the challenge we are starting to go heavier weight with fewer reps so I found an amazing app that has been awesome for tracking my workouts.  Just in the few weeks I've used it I have already been increasing my weights more than I ever have on a program.  I love it!!  That's a larger number I don't mind celebrating. ;)   I've also started posting my workouts to MyFitnessPal so I can keep track there too and also for motivation.  I have several friends on there that motivate me when they post their workouts so I hope I am doing the same for them.

There have been days that I definitely do not feel motivated and think of every excuse in the book NOT to work out.  So I go in my kitchen, grab my shaker bottle, and put in a scoop of this right here...

The sad thing is that I only have a few scoops left but my MIL is an Advocare distributor and got me a 24 Day Challenge for Christmas!  The whole company is doing one together in January called ALL IN and she got me one so we can do it together.  I'm so excited!!  I want to see how Advocare works out before I order any more Shredz but I have a feeling that this will be back in my life soon enough.  It's amazing.

I'm taking the rest of this challenge day by day especially during the holiday season.  Getting in all the workouts has been rough this time of year and my eating has been insane but I am forgiving myself and moving on.

 I am waiting to show my before pics until the challenge in complete that way I can give you guys the same side-by-side I'll be submitting AND I can give you the link so you can vote for me!

Even if I don't win I am creating a healthy habit that I know is not going to end when this challenge does.  I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for me! :)

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