August 2014

I knew that August was going to be a crazy month but I had no idea it would be so non-stop!  Today is the first day in weeks that I've actually been able to sit down and write about everything!  So here is August 2014 for yours truly.

I've Recommitted

August started out pretty awesome.  We had been going to a new church the last few weeks of July and L and I both felt the Lord prompting us to go to a class that the church offers the beginning of the month which goes more into what the church is all about to see if it really was a good fit for us and our family.

After the class we went to the 11:30 church service and when they did the alter call we walked down to join the church.  They sat us down and asked if we had ever been baptized.  I was when I was 16 when I first got saved but I think I was more scared into it than it being my choice and that's exactly what I told the counselor.  I also found out that L had never been baptized.  They asked us if we wanted to right then and after a prayer we said yes.  On August 3, 2014 with my husband I was baptized and recommitted myself to the Lord.  It was such an amazing day and one that I will never forget.

The Recital

August 9th was the recital.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here or not but I am a singer and flutist.  I come from a super musical family and around this time last year my dad decided to start a little band with my uncle, my stepsister, and my cousins son who was just learning how to play the guitar.  Since they've never played in front of anyone before we had a "recital" where they could all perform and a lot of my family members joined in, myself included and my boys actually.  We dressed up in costumes and my oldest was Paul Stanley from Kiss.

This is E and me doing our best Gene Simmons impersonations.  Not bad, huh?  All in all it was a wonderful night of family, friends, and music.  We are already considering doing another show next year so maybe by then I won't be too embarrassed to post my singing on here. ;)

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

Flag football to be exact! :)

The church has a wonderful children's ministry and when the boys saw that they had sign ups for flag football they begged us to let them join.  My boys have never played sports on a team before mainly because I wanted them to choose and not me choose for them and they chose flag football.  Practices started a few weeks ago and they both seem to like it but you can tell they're newbies for real! E (the one in the white shirt and black shorts) is actually doing better.  His last practice on Thursday he was catching the ball and running it nicely.  D on the other hand has a hard time but I think his team is more doing it for fun.  I don't see D playing again next season but E?  Maybe.

First Day of School

This year we decided to move the boys to the school in our district.  The past few years I kept them in the district where there dads house is but last year was rough and when I looked more into it the school in our neighborhood is one of the best schools in our entire school district so their dad and me agreed we needed to move them.

They both were so nervous.  They had to leave all their friends and normalcy.  I totally get it.  They've never been able to walk to school before and we live close enough so we all walked together on the first day of school.  Every year I take a picture of them in their seats on the first day of school.  Here's my 3rd grader...

 and here is my 4th grader and my last picture of my E in elementary school. *sniffle*

You two need to stop growing up so fast for real!!  We were so tired and sweaty from walking that I didn't get a chance to give them much of a pep talk except to say that this year is going to be different and you make it what it will be.  I dropped E off last because I know how awful last year was for him and I wanted to stay with him as long as possible.  I did manage to snap one more shot out the door that just broke my heart.

I worried about this kid all day long and was so relieved when I picked them up at the after school care and they both said they had a wonderful day.  Thank goodness!!

This whole week they were both great!  I think the new school was a wonderful choice and I'm so excited to see how this school year is for both the boys.

So what now?

Since we are back to school and I have to pick up the boys from after school care by 6 and have them at football practice two nights a week I have cut my hours down to normal hours (8-5).  My afternoon commute has me at the boys school almost right at 6 which puts some stress on me BUT at least now I get to be home with my family.

Flavia has another challenge starting next weekend and I think I'm ready to join it.  It'll be a year in October since my surgery and I think I'm to the point now where I need to get more focused on me.  Sure life is insane and I'm more exhausted this week than I've been in a LONG time but I need this for me.  Plus if I can actually win and get some cash that would be amazing!!  Maybe then I could finally get the flooring for my home gym.  Eek!!

I have also joined an accountability group to help me get my eating under control and I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday to talk about my hormones and weight loss.  Maybe they can help me get off this weight gaining/losing roller coaster I've been on for so long.

So that's my August 2014.  Now to get ready for a football filled September and lots of pics!!! :)

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