Heart of the Ocean

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My Inheritance

Before my grandmother got really sick she made a family will listing off everything she wanted everyone to have.  She was a major pack rat so only the largest items were listed off for each child, grandchild, and a few great grandchildren.  I received an old bed frame and an end table that I have no room for but my dad (bless him!) is keeping them for me until I do have a place.

Why my grandmother broke up an entire bedroom set is beyond me but I'll tell you one thing: that's my Granny!  I had to laugh when I thought about it because that was so her.  She never did anything anyone else's way.  She did them Granny's way and anyone who knew my grandmother knows exactly what I mean when I say that.

All of her other belongings were to be divided between everyone but to keep it fair she wanted it to go by age.  Yesterday it was my turn to go through some of the items.  My grandparents own three houses so this was just house #1.  The other houses we will go through when my grandfather passes away.

Since I'm one of the lowest on the Rodgers totem pole my picks were pretty slim but when I saw this years of memories came rushing back and tears instantly welled up in my eyes.

I know to anyone else this is just some silly little souvenir that you would buy on vacation but it's so much more to me.

My great grandfather bought this for my grandmother on a trip to Mexico when she was young and my whole childhood Granny had this hanging in her kitchen.  I remember looking at it when I watched her cook dinner or when I was in there begging her for a Pepsi or some other sugary treats in between meals.  I remember always catching a glimpse of it at Thanksgiving and Christmas and I remember when I looked at that spot on the wall and realizing, just like my grandmother, it was gone.

I was hoping my grandmother would've left me a family heirloom but all of those went to someone else in the family.  I'm not surprised.  I wasn't her favorite by any means and she let everyone know who was.  I think that's why I never show partiality to my boys.  I never want them to feel how some of my family has made me feel my whole life.

I've fought over the years with animosity but when I was going through her things last night I realized how much I loved her.  Sure I wasn't her favorite but I never had a doubt in my mind that she loved me.  All I wanted was a heritage to pass down to my boys and even though this isn't a diamond ring or some other family gem this simple little souvenir is a gem to me.  

In saying all of this I guess my inheritance, more than any thing, is the memories.  So thank you Granny for the memories.  I will cherish them forever.

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