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You can find the full review of this book HERE

Victoria is going to air on Masterpiece Sunday, January 15, 2017.  The author, Daisy Goodwin, also wrote the miniseries while writing the book.  After watching the trailer, it sounds like the story is going to stay very close to the book which excites me even more.

Stamping Saturday: Feeling Inspired

I cannot believe the holiday season is already upon us!  Truth be told, I am thankful that 2016 is almost over.  I had such high hopes for this year but despite a few shining moments the majority of the year has not been so great for me or my family.  Usually by this time I am sad to see the year end but this year I'm looking forward to it and cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store!

One of the things I am SO glad that has happened this year is me stamping again!!  I have my first Stampin' Up! class next Saturday and am busy getting everything all together.  It's going to be a small event with some of my girls from my old classes back in the day which should be a blast!  To break up the monotony of continuous cardstock cutting I thought I would participate in Verve's November Inspiration Challenge while it's still November!


Happiest of Days Despite Being Sick

Every fall I get sick.  It's never some simple cold but more like the flu or pneumonia.  This year it was  acute bronchitis and a severe upper respiratory infection.  Fun huh?  It's been over a week and a half and I'm still feeling it bad despite finishing my antibiotics and clearing out half of the cold/flu aisle at CVS.  All I have to say and thank you Jesus for inhalers, nasal sprays, and humidifiers or I would not be functioning at all.

I have my FIRST Stampin' Up! class the first weekend in December and as I impatiently await my order for the class to come in I thought I would get a little inky and made a sweet, simple little card to share today.



You can find my review of this book HERE
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