My First VBS

I have been a member of several churches since being saved at sixteen but being apart of Crossroads is so different than any of my other church experiences.  Their children's ministry is amazing and of course VBS is huge so when they started taking volunteers I knew it was something I wanted to do.

Work had a problem with me taking the week off but I took that as more fuel for the flame.  When you have opposition you know you're doing something right in my opinion.  My boss even went as far as not letting me use vacation time due to a technicality but it still didn't deter me.  I was going to do this with or without pay!

Monday was hard I'm not going to lie.  Our church is huge and with over 2,000 volunteers and kids I knew it was going to be a little crazy.

When I first signed up for VBS they put me in crafts which I was fine with but since I teach 2nd grade Sunday school and they were short on 4th grade leaders I volunteered and ended up with 14 boys and girls none of whom I've ever met.  I found out really quick the ones I was going to have a problem with and the ones that were going to be awesome.  They gave me a high school assistant who was more interested in another assistant that was volunteering than helping me out so that first day was crazy and hard.  There was also an issue with another leader that had me in tears the whole rest of the day.  I left doubting if I made the right decision and felt so inadequate.

By Wednesday my spirits were lifted and we were getting our groove.  My assistant was engaging the kids and having him truly be apart of our group made all the difference.  I was finally getting to know my kids and by this time I was falling in love.  Monday I was dreading Tuesday and thinking "what did I get myself into!" but by Wednesday I couldn't believe it was almost over!   Time was going by too fast!

Thursday is a blur and Friday zoomed by.  As I said goodbye to each of my kids I started to get emotional.  I was so happy that two of my boys accepted Jesus to be their Lord and Savior!!  I will forever cherish that.

We were team D so before VBS started my husband and me made a little team name.

Yes we were the Dream Team and even though there were some moments that were not so dreamy I wouldn't trade my experience for anything in the world.  I loved teaching 4th grade so much that one of the children's leaders is thinking about having me teach 4th grade girls on Sundays instead of 2nd grade.  I'm just praying about it and putting it in God's hands.  I do have to say I enjoyed that age group so much.  It's like they're just starting to get their personalities and to see their excitement for Jesus was contagious.

I had each of my kids sign the back of my D and I am going to hang it in my gym as a reminder of this incredible week.

Monday its back to work and normalcy but this girl is forever changed.

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