November Goals

I posted this on my Instagram and Twitter a few days ago and completely forgot to post it here!  My bad! ;) 

So far all I've done is #5.  I have been on a big recipe kick the past few days and even tried a few new recipes today!  They didn't turn out too pretty or I would've taken a picture.  

I do plan on starting the Bible study later this evening and am chugging the water as we speak.  I really can't wait for #3.  ;) 


Today is my last day off for my surgery.  I have mixed feelings about going back to work.  I miss the normalcy and the pay but I am really going to miss spending time with my boys.  While I was off my boss called and offered me a management position so starting tomorrow I am going to be a manager!  I'm nervous and excited at the same time.  I've never been a manager before.  :) 

Don't be surprised if you only see sporadic posts.  I'm not sure how my new schedule is going to go and I know its going to take a few weeks to get into a new normal. 

So what are your goals for November?  Leave me a comment and we can help keep each other accountable. :)

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