I'm Hooked Again

When I helped open our pharmacy back in 2011 it was just me and Layla*.  That first year was a doozy with just the two of us running the place. I look back and wonder how we did it but by Gods grace, and a lot of Starbucks, we did. 

I've always loved coffee. I remember my dad making coffee Saturday mornings and letting my sister and me have a sip. My dad has always made it with a ton of creamer and sugar with just a hint of coffee so naturally that's how I grew up sampling it. 

In college I remember loving coffee shops but boycotted Starbucks. In my click that was the cool thing to do. Throughout the years I went through coffee phases like when I had the boys (after breast-feeding of course) and when I worked at a mail order pharmacy where my day started at 4:00am and ended somewhere late afternoon. Coffee became my life blood and the only thing that kept me sane and functioning many a mornings. 

When Louie and me started dating and trying to lose weight together I decided my favorite sugar-laden beverage had to go. A few months after the pharmacy opened I quit cold turkey. Layla was shocked but I told her it was the health benefits and the money. I love me some Starbucks but good gosh is it expensive! 

Since the hysterectomy I've been craving coffee like no other. I checked some of my favorite health/fitness sites and many bodybuilders blend their morning joe with protein. Genius!!! 

Thus began my experimentation. I tried my Cellucor chocolate and it was too sweet. I'm out of vanilla protein so last week on my way home I stopped at The Vitamin Shoppe and the manager, and fellow coffee fanatic, told me about this. 

I am a huge latte fan (especially vanilla) so when I saw the bottle I was sold. It is delicious!! It's not enough protein for breakfast but it's better than sugar and chemically-laced creamer! 

Now coffee is back in my life and my Keurig and me could not be happier. 😊

Does anyone have any other uses for protein powder? I've read about pancakes so that's probably my next experimentation. Yum!! 

*Name change to protect the privacy of my boss πŸ˜‰ 

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