ISO Love My New Isobag!

L and me have been talking about taking our lunches to work.  I have always been a lunch taker but in the months before my surgery I was carrying several bags to get all of my food to work which got old really quick and L was carrying a small cooler that could barely fit anything.  Needless to say the whole lunch thing went by the wayside and we both became fast food junkies very quick.  

Another problem I have is having zero time to eat at work.  Business has picked up tremendously and time is very precious so the days of me "making" my lunch at work are long gone.  Since I'm going back in a little over a week I need a plan of action so the healthy eating habits I am establishing aren't lost.

Thus began the Google search for what the pros use to carry around the right kinds of eats and we found the Isobag from Isolator Fitness!  It looks small but it can fit so much food!  I can fit my shaker bottle in the side, my supplements in the top zipper part, and it comes with trays that fit in the middle that are BPA free and leak proof!  I haven't had a chance to test out how cold the food stays (that's my goal for next week) which will really make me know if this was a good purchase or not but for the price and all the room it's already worth it.  I do have a refrigerator at work so its not like I can't take out the trays and put them in there.

Let the healthy snacks and lunches commence! One less thing to stress out about going back to work. ;)

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