I Feel Super! HD Style

Not really feeling too super BUT I am excited to share my newest supplement. :)  

I woke up this morning feeling like I was hit by a bus.  I honestly didn't think the pain was going to last this long but it is still here.  I did push a little more than I probably should have yesterday but you have no idea how tired I am of being down.

Before my surgery this little sweetie was on my doorstep just begging to be tested.  

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First off, I'd like to thank Cellucor for coming out with a powder form!  L is a big weenie when it comes to taking pills and some of the supplements in the fit world are pretty big so when HD came out with a powder form it was immediately ordered and on its way.  By the time it showed up on my doorstep I was in prep mode for the surgery which meant no supplements or medication of any kind.  Boo!  I've been waiting until I felt a bit better to give it a shot and since today I feel horrible I thought this might pep me up a bit.

We ordered the peach mango and since I haven't been on supplements in awhile I only put half a scoop in 24oz of water (I'm also trying to get back to my gallon of water a day) and have been slowly sipping on it for the past few minutes.  The taste is wonderful and I am already starting to feel a bit of a pep.  Mission accomplished! :)

I give this a product a big thumbs up and cannot wait to test it out on a workout day.  November 15th cannot get here quick enough for real. 

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