Do You Ever Feel Stuck?

December always seems to be a time of reflection for me.  With the new year looming it seems like the perfect time to read back over my old journals and see if I have accomplished all that you set out to achieve that year.

Every year I feel happy and disappointed at the same time.  I don't think any of us ever set out to fail but after reading my writing from this past year I realized that I did not accomplish much of what I set out to and that hurts my heart.

One idea keeps popping up in my mind:  I'm stuck

Do you ever feel that way?  It's like my car is stuck in the mud.  My tires are spinning but I am going nowhere.  I have all of these dreams and ideas!  My mind won't stop with them and yet here I sit just spinning.
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Strong was my word for 2016 (you can see why HERE).  I think I've achieved strength in a few areas of my life.  As we get closer to 2017 I will go back in revisit my goals for the year and see which ones I've accomplished and which ones I'm still striving for.

It's been a tough year for me.  It's been a tough year for my family.  BUT we are all staying as strong as we can and taking everything day by day, giving it all to the Lord.  In saying that, I personally can't shake this stuck feeling.

2016 has brought blessings in my life 

I love that I am writing again and am doing book reviews.  It's always been a dream of mine and I am starting to set that into motion.  I also love that I am stamping again and that I started my Stampin' Up! business back up again.  Stamping has always been a wonderful outlet for me and I love that I am sharing that love with my boys.

I fall more in love with L every single day and thank God that he has allowed me to go to work part time so I can spend as much time with my boys as I can.  That is one of the greatest blessings of this year.

What continues to "weigh" on me is my weight

I hate that I've allowed my weight to get so out of control.  I think that's my biggest "stuck" at the moment.  I've tried my old ways of losing weight but none of them work.  My doctor continues to tell me to lose weight but then offers no other advice but to "continue to diet and exercise" with no other comments.  I feel so alone.  We can't afford a gym membership and even though we converted one of our rooms into a gym I can't get motivated to work out in there.  It depresses me to no end.

I think what I'm missing more than anything is community.  I know there are a lot of online forums and groups for weight loss, and I have tried a few, but there is nothing more motivating to me than for someone to call and say, "Hey! Let's meet here and lets do this!"  Right now I only have myself and my motivation is zero.  I need a partner in crime.

I tried a few challenges this year but didn't finish any of them.  I tried signing up for a 5K to up my motivation and was actually getting consistent about training, and even lost a few pounds in the process, only to get injured during training.  I had to walk the entire race and I gained all the weight back plus a few more pounds.  At this moment, I weigh almost 20lbs more than I did at this time last year.  Unacceptable.

I really want to finish 2016 STRONG so I am setting myself a goal for this month:

15 minutes of movement

I'm not going to put any restrictions on myself as far as what activity.  It can be walking, dancing, strength training, videos, whatever.  Just as long as I get off my tush for 15 minutes and do something!!

I am hoping 2017 will be the year that I finally rid myself of this weight.  Three years is long enough especially when before then I was doing so great.  If anyone ever tells you that a hysterectomy won't mess you up they are SO lying! #justsayin

Maybe I should set a goal to not eat anymore pumpkin pie too.  Oh holiday season and your delicious treats! ;)

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