Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day used to be my favorite holiday.  I loved romance!  I loved the sappy romance movies and books and dreamed from the time I was a little girl about that unattainable Prince Charming one day riding on his white horse, sweeping me off my feet.  Little did I know that this sweet dream would take me on one heartbreaking journey.

I have never been a patient person when it comes to love.  I remember having the biggest crush on Jose who lived across the street from us when I was growing up.  He was a few years older than me but that didn't stop me from chasing him around our backyard trying to tackle him to get my first kiss at six years old.  I never did get the kiss but that didn't stop me from sitting at our front window for hours watching him play basketball and dreaming about the day we would get married and what our children would look like.

I always had a crush on one guy or another.  I think I came out of the womb being boy crazy.  My mom says its because the doctor that delivered me was cute.  Haha!  Being boy crazy and being a daydreamer set my expectations at a very high level so when I got my first real boyfriend I tried to make him and the many other guys after him the man of my dreams.  Of course this would always lead to frustration and disappointment and when the next guy would come along the cycle would start all over again.

Every boyfriend knew I was a hopeless romantic and many of them really did try to make my dreams come true but they all fell short in one way or another.  After a time I realized there was not a man out there that was going to be the entire package so I finally let that dream go.  I boycotted all things romantic and decided that the 4th of July was my new favorite holiday.  Who needs romance?

Then I met Louie.

I bet you're thinking that he swept me off my feet right?  Well, he did but not in any way I ever dreamed.  I always thought I wanted romance but it turns out all I really wanted was someone to let me be me.  I wanted someone to listen to me and someone who would make me feel safe and secure.  I wanted to feel special and Louie made me feel special.

Five years later he still makes me feel special.

Those dreams that I dreamed about finding my soulmate have came true.  I've met my match.  I love this man more today than the day that I met him and all the struggles that we have endured has only made us stronger.

What's funny about Louie is he is THE most UN-romantic man I've ever met.  Sounds about right doesn't it?  LOL  Opposites attract I guess though I do wish in the back of my mind that he would at least get me some chocolate.  Valentine's Day or not, chocolate is one of my love languages!

Oh and I'm not boy crazy anymore!  The only man I have eyes for is him and I am so thankful that boy crazy spell is finally broken.  I think that's how I truly know this love is legit.  Every relationship I've had I would still be checking other guys out or thoughts of other guys would cross my mind but when I started dating Louie it just stopped.  Hallelujah!

So that's the crazy short version of how my favorite holiday went from Valentine's Day to 4th of July.  LOL  I hope you enjoyed it now go enjoy your LOVES while I go enjoy mine. :)

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