Strong Start to March: Monday Check-In

I know I have been MIA on here and usually that means that I've been sick or something but not this time!  A few weeks ago it hit me: I'm going to be 35 this year.  Thirty. Five.

I know that I am a few months away from being 35 but it was like something clicked.  I am tired of being tired all the time.  I'm tired of feeling like I'm in my 50's when I'm in my 30's.  I am tired of letting these migraines get the best of me.  It's time to start fighting for ME again!

First thing I need to do is lose weight.  I'm positive many of my ailments are due to my weight gain and I get that but I've been trying everything and borderline obsessing about ways to lose fat off my body.  Then I read a few quotes that I've heard a million times but for some reason are sticking with me:

In true Christi fashion I am trying to overthink and overcomplicate my efforts.  It's time to scale things back, keep it simple, and go back to basics. 

I'm one of those girls that if I start a program and do not see instant results then I think it doesn't work for me and I give up.  No more!  I am going to trust the process and actually give the program time to work for me before I make a decision.  No more snap judgements! 

This last week I started out with a simple goal: walk every morning.  I didn't put a time limit.  I just told myself that I would get up, get on my treadmill, and walk and I did it!!

I ended up doing a minimum of 30 minutes every morning and two days I actually did an afternoon workout too!  I also joined some family members on the Fitbit app and tracked my steps using my iPhone and two days I hit 10,000 steps!  I am hoping to get a Fitbit soon since carrying around my phone everywhere stinks but I'm having to save up for it so I most likely won't get one until April.  I guess that'll help me with delayed gratification! LOL

I also had a goal to limit my carb intake after 6pm and two days this week I did it but this week I would like to increase that number.  My day is great but as soon as 7pm hits I am famished and throw caution to the wind and eat whatever is in sight.  Not. Good.  

So here are my goals for this week:

  1. Walk every morning (7 mornings-continue my streak! Woohoo!)
  2. 10,000 steps daily (7 days)
  3. Limit carb intake after 6pm nightly (at least 4 nights)
  4. Pick a plan to follow for the next month
I've bought a lot of training ebooks over the years so I am going to choose one program and give it my all.  Right now I'm leaning towards FitGirls since I LOVE their Instagram page and they have a new app AND they have a challenge starting March 14th!  Perfect!

I have been logging my journey in my personal blog and I am so sorry I neglected this blog!  I promise not to be a stranger and let you guys in on my journey too.  

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