The Pain Is Real

I think I'm allergic to 2016.

Here are the facts: I ringed in the New Year with the flu and once I got over that did the 24 Day Challenge and felt great but a few days later I get that first sharp, familiar pain and now I am on day 7 of having one of the worst migraines I think I've ever had.

Nothing is helping!  I tried some samples of a powder that treats migraines that my doctor had given me awhile back but they barely takes the edge off.  I've been taking all the OTC meds I can for both migraine (which never help) and for allergies (thinking that might be the trigger) and trying to drink all the water I can stomach.  I've been in bed literally since last Thursday.  It's horrible.

I've missed meetings, birthday parties, and church so far.  Last night we had our Connect Group over so I had to clean the house as best as I could.  Thank goodness it wasn't too awful but still it was a major challenge.  I went to bed last night exhausted, in pain, and clenching my jaw and woke up again to pain.

I have found a lot of migraine support on Instagram and one of my friends on there has had a migraine the past 4 weeks!  I am praying I can beat it sooner than that...and praying for my friend.  Poor thing!

At least I don't have to suffer alone.  My sweet Reagan has been by my side the whole time...

I constantly live with a headache.  There is not a day that goes by that my head doesn't hurt.  I've had too many concussions and whiplashes apparently so headaches are apart of who I am.  I can deal with a headache.  A migraine is not just a's so much worse.  Along with stabbing pains in my temples (especially my left side) I also have horrible dizziness, brain fog, memory lapses, flashes of light, and waves of severe nausea.  It's awful.

I've been out of work all week but I can't miss anymore so I am going in today.  Thank goodness I work for a company that is sympathetic but I have missed so much work being sick this year that it scares me.  I don't think I would get fired but then again you never know.  Wish me luck!

To all my fellow migraine sufferers: my prayers are with you!

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  1. I'm sorry that you always feel bad. It seems like I never hear that you feel good. I pray that God will heal you from these ailments that you suffer from. I suffer along with you because I am your Mama. I would love to see you feeling good and enjoying life. My prayers are always with you and all my Love, Mom


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