Only By Grace Joins SparkPeople

Last week while my mind was in a complete haze and I suddenly had hours and hours to think about things and life I realized just how much I hate my body.  I can't stand it!  I'm not comfortable the way I am right now and I remembered I've been here before.

It was April 2009.  I was sick in bed on a Saturday afternoon.  I got up to make everyone dinner and then went to lay back down.  I was in tears because it took all my energy to take care of my family and the past few years had been like this.  I was sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time.

Being a one income family didn't leave any room for extra expenses so I grabbed my laptop and searched on Google "free weight loss programs."  That's when I found out about SparkPeople for the first time.  I signed up immediately and thus began my first weight loss journey.  I kept up my journey until I got married and after that I stopped signing on.  I figured I didn't need it anymore.  I had hit my goal and that was that.  I had maintained my goal weight for a year and life was going good so I just left it alone.

That is until this last week when I remembered the last time I felt this was April 2009 when enough was enough and I had taken action and lost 60+ pounds.  I logged in and looked at my old page.  I couldn't believe how much I had changed from then to now.  In the two years since I've been on I've gained all that weight back PLUS!  It actually discouraged me so much I logged off and decided it was time for a new beginning so I signed up again and this time I am OnlyByGrace0420 because it truly is only by grace that I am here today and April 20th is the day my life changed forever.  I married my best friend and started my new and wonderful life.  I never felt more hope than I did on that day and I always want to remember how that felt.

I've been back on there for a week and it's been a struggle.  I remember just how much I hate logging food (though I know right now I need to) but I also remembered how amazing the community is!  I've already "met" two girls that are almost exactly in the same boat that I am in and are just as determined as me!

When I signed up again it helped me create a weight loss goal:

How perfect is this!!  April 2016 L and me will celebrate 5 wonderful years together and 3 years being married.  :)

I have a feeling this time will be different for me and if you too are on SparkPeople or would like to join look me up!!  I could use the support and you know I'll be there for you too.

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