Getting Super Shredded!! Goal: April 2014

When L and me got our wedding pictures back we went from happy to mortified.  We had ordered a wedding book with all the best pictures and as we sat there flipping from page to page we both realized one thing: we got fat!  If it wasn't me exclaiming "Ew my chin!" or "Ew my arms!" it was him saying, "What happened to my neck?"  How did this happen?? I can tell you right now what it is:  I married a man that loves to eat...and not just eat but eat OUT!

After my Thanksgiving binge I weighed myself and tears welled up in my eyes.  165.  I haven't seen that number in YEARS.  My highest weight ever was 184 and my plateau when I started losing was 165 so seeing that number scared me big time.  I can't believe I let myself get this bad.  In the three years I've known Louie I have went from 128 (skinny fat) to 165 (flabby fat).  It makes me sad but even more than that it makes me MAD.  I promised myself I would NEVER get back up past 150 and here I am.  Do you know what I do when I get mad???

Natalie Jill Fitness
I get a plan and I get determined!!

I've been following Natalie Jill for awhile and have been wanting to purchase her 12 Week Super Shred but something has always came up so when I received an email about a Black Friday deal I was all over it.

This weekend I have been devouring every piece of information and getting a plan together so I can begin ASAP.  I know my first thing is setting a goal.  Louie and me discussed it and decided April 20, 2014, our one-year anniversary, we are going to hit our goal together and get new pictures taken that we can be proud of.

I also wrote out a contract to keep myself accountable.  I posted it on Instagram earlier and Natalie Jill herself commented on it!!  Talk about motivation!! :)

Something about this time feels different.  Having my husband and Natalie Jill rooting for me helps. ;)  Like Natalie says...

Things don't just happen, You MAKE them happen!

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