From Migraine to Flavalicious

Since I last wrote I've had a sick migraine that has knocked me on my tush!  Since I've been down I've had some time on my laptop and more time to check out the Flavilicious programs.   I decided since there is a money-back guarantee I would give the Full-Body-Licious program a go and have spent the entire day downloading all the information and reading about it.  I must say it is hard core!  What I love is that they have home workouts and gym workouts that way there are no excuses for missing a workout!  I also purchased the nutrition program but I haven't had a chance to check that out yet.

I'm excited!!  It doesn't feel has convoluted as the LiveFit program.  There are PDFs and videos for my visual side so I KNOW I am going to succeed.  She said that many women lose 2% body fat a week!  How awesome would that be?!!

OK, I'm off to read some more and will be back to report on my first Flavalicious workout!

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