A New Goodie & My Plan For This Week

Look what my man bought me today!!!  What I love about it is that I put my phone in it with the case on  it!!  I've been doing a little research trying to find one that will do that but they are harder than you'd think.  We got this one for $30 at Fry's.  Not a bad investment if I don't have to fuss with my phone which is exactly what I did every time I went to the gym last week.  I need the least amount of distractions.

The only downside is I can't look at my workouts like I was.  This also doesn't have to be a bad thing. I see people with notebooks everywhere so maybe I need to dig out a notebook and write out my workouts in there?  My problem is remembering how the moves look.  Maybe I can print out the pictures, cut them out, and put them in a spiral and take that to the gym?  That's a possibility...

the plan

Sunday's are my off day and believe me I am ENJOYING it!  I am spending time with my wonderful husband, blessing my house, and planning my week.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Flavalicious Tight & Trim Thighs

Flavalicious Showoff Stomach

Flavalicous Booty Booster

10k Treadmill Training

Flavalicous Sleek & Shapely Shoulders

Flavalicious Beautiful Backside

I am going to try to get up at 5am and do my workouts and then hit the gym after work to finish it up that way I can finish the workout.  Last week I struggled with getting my workouts finished in the time I had so hopefully doing a part of my workout in the morning will help.  I am definitely in the trial and error phase of my Flavalicious program and getting back into the fitness thing but I know that planning is a big step.

I am going to DO this!!!

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