LiveFit Bummer

Today started off with such promise.  I woke up feeling good, was on top of things throughout the morning  got to work early, and then the hunger began.  My stomach has been bloated and it seems to be getting worse so I made a decision today: NO MORE BIRTH CONTROL!  At least not until Dr. Andrew's gets my test results back and then I will have them switch me to something else that doesn't cause me to bloat and swell like I've been doing.

Mistake #1: Instead of my Advocare Meal Replacement shake I had instant oatmeal (Great Value at that!) and some peanut butter with a gala apple.  Definitely more calories than the shake but I thought it would satisfy me for longer.  Wrong!

Mistake #2: My co-worker didn't bring her lunch so she had her husband stop at a place and get her some Vietnamese soup.  There was quite a bit left over so she asked if I wanted some.  I said sure and man was it delish!  The problem was that after I ate it I had the worst craving for sugar and I got a Butterfinger.  I've went days without even craving one but I guess the noodles were a trigger?  I'm still trying to figure all this nutrition stuff out.

Mistake #3: My other co-worker came for a few hours to make calls so I decided to eat lunch early since she was there and could help out while I was gone.  This was at 12:30pm when I'm used to eating about 1:30pm so my eating was thrown off.  This led to me getting the shakes right at 5pm and devouring a pack of BelVida graham crackers, a large pear, and a Snickers on my way home.

My workout was horrible because first Sissy Poo called and then Daddy-O shortly after so I was focused more on the convo than the workout.  I never get to talk to my Sissy anymore so I couldn't tell her no!

I started the Jamie Eason LiveFit program on BB but I'm not sure if it fits me yet.  I did do most of the moves tonight and really don't feel like I got a workout at all. :(

Dinner was a loaded salad and after L said something that hurt my feelings about a cup of Cheez-Its and 1/2 cup of Blue Bell Cookies & Cream ice cream.  Can we say emotional eating?!!

So yea I'm bummed but that's what's so great about a day.  You can end the pout fest right now, close your eyes, and when you open them again you have grace...a new beginning and a new day to prove to yourself that this day is different and YES you can do it!

L told me he liked going to the gym with me tonight so we are going to meet up again tomorrow night after I drop off the boys with their dad.  He said he doesn't want to work out with me but he likes being able to look up at the gym and see me there.  So sweet. :)

OK, its time to close my eyes...

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