First Day Back

Tonight was my first day back to the gym and I have to say that it did feel different in a familiar way.  I didn't have time to find a good plan on so I decided to do the stairmaster and follow up with some push-ups.

I did not realize working out with hypertension was going to be so different but it is.  I am pretty paranoid so when I started to get a little dizzy I backed off quite a bit.  I still managed to burn over 300 calores and I did 5 girlie push-ups.

Today I am celebrating the fact that I did anything!  Something is better than nothing right?


I also noticed today that I am super bloated again.  I was on my blanks (birth control) all last week and started seeing that flat stomach again but Sunday I started my new pack and here it is Tuesday and I am swelled and look preggo again!  Guess who's calling her gyno tomorrow??  I would rather not even be on the pill if it means I wouldn't struggle with my weight as much but I want the doctor to help me out with this.  I weighed in at 154 on Friday and I weighed today and its 158.  There is no way!  I guess we will see what the doctor says but I've already told L we just might have to be extra careful and forgo the pill.  We shall see...

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