Reinstated Baby!!

Something I thought would never be possible happened at 8pm tonight...L and me signed up for a gym membership!!!  I've been an on-again, off-again member at this gym and actually had it suspended so I reinstated it, added L and the kiddos and BAM!  I am back baby!!

When we got home we decided to do a few before pics and OMG are my eyes opened!  Here's the front view...

I am really trying hard not to bash myself right now.  This is so much worse than what I thought!  When L and me started dating I was 128lbs and looking good but being in a happy, healthy relationship I put on a few pounds but I never thought it was this bad.  I have been trying to not be photographed much. ;)

The side view isn't too bad but man look at those thighs!  I am woman is all I can say! LOL
To be positive, I am so loving my new hair color and I still love my smile. :)

...and the back view.  I'm no even going to comment.

So here I am, fat rolls and all.  My shorts are a size small and when I met L were actually a little big on me.  I will get back into these and look fierce!  I do have to say that these pics are very unforgiving but I also know the next time I pick up a candy bar I will think about these pics believe you me!

Tomorrow I am going for an MRI.  I am praying they don't find anything wrong but then again I am hoping something comes out of this testing so I can find out what's been wrong with me.  I plan on hitting the gym after work and am going to start with a Beginner Training Program I found on

Here's to a new fitness beginning!

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