Getting Excited

There are two things you should know about me.  If I am ever away from this blog it's for one of two reasons.

  1. I am super sick or something major has happened in my life that is more important
  2. I am prepping for a Stampin' Up! class

My reason for this absence is not sickness (thank goodness!) but class prep!  I had a Valentine's card class all planned for February but found out I had the flu the week before my class.  Boo!  So we moved it to March 11th and now it's a birthday class!  A few women that were supposed to be at the first class can't make it which bums me out but I still have eight ladies who will be there so it should be a blast!

When I set out to choose a card for a class I try to go as simple as possible but you see my cards.  Simple is hard for me.  Making a CAS (clean and simple) card can be a real challenge but I try my best.  

When I was planning this class I was in a flu-induced haze and did not think several things through.  When my supplies came in and sat down to make the sample cards I freaked out.  A few of the women coming are brand new to stamping and a few techniques are a little more advanced.  If I allowed the class to do these techniques it would take forever!  So, guess who is doing a lot more prep work than she thought she would? This girl...

It's all my fault but I'm glad it turned out this way.  The cards are going to be so great!  I just took this picture which is the final project all prepped and ready to go.  Now that the prep work is done I can go from my current state of freakout (as in OMG how am I going to FINISH all this by myself!) to excited!  I haven't seen my Sweet & Sassy Stampers in a long time so it's going to be great to have an afternoon with the girls. 

Have a wonderful weekend and go stamp something!!!  :)

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