Happy 11th Birthday Eric!

This month has been rough.  We had a death in the family which has made these past few weeks very difficult.  One thing about death is it makes you realize just how precious life is.

Today is a very precious day to me.  Today my oldest son turns 11.  I cannot believe it.

Sadly this year I don't get to see him on his birthday because he is with his dad but I did get to talk to him this morning.  Is it possible for a little boys voice to mature in a day because he sounded so grown up.

It hurts that I can't give him a hug today but he is definitely on my heart.  I know his dad is going to make today special and that's what really matters.  I just want my son to know how much he is loved and I think he does.

I love you Boog!  Happy Birthday!!!

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