Hallelujah Eve

I cannot believe Halloween is already here!  The holidays are officially beginning and here we are again.  It seems like every year we say we are going to be better prepared but every year life gets thrown for a loop and we end up in the exact same place we were before.  It’s insanity I tell ya!

One thing I’ve been thinking about is our vow this year to be more financially independent than we were at the beginning of the year.  We were to remember that its God’s money and not our money.  How have we fared?  Pretty bad.  Granted our debts are slowly decreasing and we haven’t accrued any new debt which I say is a plus but nothing has been paid off and we are literally hand to mouth right now.  But by the grace of God we’ve made it and we are continuing to make it day by day.

This time last year I was recovering from my 4th surgery and this year is the first October in two years that I didn’t have a surgery!  Woohoo!!  I definitely call that a win!  

This week is also the first week in months that I’ve worked out more than twice!  Last night I had planned a HIIT workout on the treadmill with some ab exercises but I didn’t do so great.  I’m not sure what happened but I tried a few of the ab moves and started feeling like I was going to throw up.  So I decided to skip those and just do 20 minutes of HIIT sprints on the treadmill.  I lasted 10 minutes and then I got super dizzy so I walked the rest of the time doing different intervals.  It was not a great workout at all and at first I was very discouraged but then it hit me.  I got up and DID something!  I could’ve gave up and said forget it and never given it a try but I did and I burned about 500 calories in the process.  

I have also decided to enter one final contest before the end of the year and I took my before pics.  Talk about a wakeup call!  I'm going to wait to post them on here until after the contest and hopefully by that time I'll have an awesome AFTER picture! ;)

October is always a strange month for me and this year was no exception but one thing I look forward to every year is our church’s Hallelujah Carnival.  

Normally I volunteer but I’ll have the boys this year so I’ll get to actually enjoy the carnival!  I’m very excited because this is the biggest event our church puts on every year with the exception of our Easter carnival.  Thousands of people come and there are always yummy vendors, an outdoor concert, bounce houses, and tons of games.  The kids love it and its a much safer alternative to going trick-or-treating.

Then Sunday our church celebrates its 45th birthday!  

The church bought thousands of cupcakes for everyone which I am SO looking forward to.  Who doesn't love a cupcake?!!  

I am so thankful to the men and women who started our church 45 years ago and cannot wait to take a stroll down memory lane on Sunday.

So that’s it for me!  Enjoy the rest of October and be on the lookout for more fit-related posts in November! :)

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