Living Room Dreaming

A few months ago we decided to start working on our living room.  When we first moved into the house the walls were brown.  Not cream or beige but an ugly dark brown.  We soon realized not too long after moving in that the reason for the paint was to hide a ton of imperfections.  

Not long after we moved in we started painting.  Husband loves blue so we went with a light blue for the living room with a darker, brighter blue for the accent wall.  We ended up with bluer and darker walls than what we expected.  Our living room doesn't have the best lighting (the windows line the southside wall only) so it was still really dark though definitely an improvement from the brown.

This year for our anniversary we decided to paint the whole living room a light grey.  We both love the elegance and at that time had already decided that the carpet was going to go and we were going to do hardwood instead both for the look and for this gals allergies. :p

Once the paint set we realized that this "light gray" looked way too much like a "bright white" so now it looks like we are back to square one again.  Boo!!

A few weeks ago with the help of my AMAZING in-laws we put hardwood laminate in our living room and hallways.  I am in LOVE!!  Here is a pic before we did the clean up (notice the white walls)...

Now that the floors are done we realized just how old and worn our living room set is.

Here's Reagan pouting on the couch a few nights ago.  Cuteness...  Do you see the colors?  The nasty cream and brown?  Blah!!  

So now we are stuck.  We have no clue what to do about the walls or the furniture so today my goal is to figure out a living room set that we can save up to buy and base our color scheme off of it.  I've been looking on a few websites and Rooms To Go seems to have what I have in mind. 

Cindy Crawford Bellingham Indigo 2Pc Classic Living Room
Husband isn't sold on this set but I like it!  It'll give the room color, we could do the gray walls that Husband is wanting, and this blue would look great with the olive green I'm wanting for the kitchen (our next project).  

Almost all the living room sets are about $2000 so we definitely need to start saving soon.  I am hoping to get a new set by the beginning of this next year.  I think this will be our Christmas presents. ;) 

If anyone has any ideas on color schemes let me know.  As you can see I am severely lacking in the decorating department.

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