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Yesterday was a mess. I felt horrible, had a hard day at work, and ended up sleeping most of the evening away. I fight depression bad and yesterday I hate to say that the darkness won. 😕

Saturday my 21 Day Fix finally came in!! I was so excited but with my busy weekend and rough Monday I am just now getting to break it out of the package. 

I've decided this week is going to be about getting to know the program. I did my first workout last night and I thought, "Man this is too easy!"  This morning I felt sore!  Love it!! 😍

The eating is going to be my biggest obstacle. I can tell the sugar and carbs are going to be an issue and a not sure how to fight it yet. This week I am allowing myself to still have what I want but am really trying to watch my portions and stick to the program as much as possible. 

Next week I am going back to work full time so I'm not sure how I'm going to do it all yet so next week might be more adjusting but I am allowing myself time to transition. This time I am really wanting to succeed and normally I push myself at first and then burn out. This time WILL be different. Just wait and see.... 😉

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