Letting My Garden Grow

I have a board on my Pinterest account that is entitled Let Your Garden Grow.  As of today it has 117 beautiful pins on it.  Pins that I hope to one day reference for my own garden but there is one thing that is stopping me from clicking the "Tried It" button.  I kill everything.

In the past I've attempted tomatoes, strawberries, and have even been known to kill a few herb plants and even the indestructible ivy plant.  I have such a love for things that grow and yet, despite my best efforts, the all end up in plant heaven.

A few weeks ago I went to visit my grandfather. This man has an amazing garden that produces the best cucumbers and tomatoes that you will ever taste in your life.  During our visit I told him of my passion for gardening and my past failures and my grandfather asked me, "Have you tried to grow okra?"  "Okra?" I asked questionably.  Why would I think to grow okra?  No one in my family cares for it and the only way I really like it is fried or pickled.  "Okra is the easiest vegetable to grow.  If you follow my instructions, I guarantee that you will have your first successful harvest."

So, I took down the instructions and a few days later my husband and I headed to Home Depot to get the supplies.  The entire time my husband is complaining that we are throwing our money away because, "Let's face it Christi, you kill everything."  It is true but just because I've had numerous failed attempts in the past doesn't mean that I do not want to try again!

I planted my okra as instructed this past Sunday.  Every day I've went out to check on my little plant and prayed that I would see some green.

This morning I woke up to this:

I know it's not much but it's a little bit of green hope that excites me.  Maybe I'm actually going to succeed this time!  Maybe the next time I'm on Pinterest I need to look up recipes with okra in it!  Maybe I should just be patient and wait to see where this little bit of green goes.

I can't tell you how excited I am and I promise to keep you updated!

Are there any gardeners out there that have any tips for an extremely gardening challenged person?  I welcome any and ALL feedback. :)  My dream is to one day live off the land and who knows?  Maybe one day I will and I can say it all started with my grandpa and a little okra seed.

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  1. it really is exciting to plant something and see it grow. Never ever give up.


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